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Ensures hours are complete, accurate and current

The process of recording how long employees work each day has gone digital. Today’s time and attendance systems give businesses everything they need to track and manage all aspects of their employees’ time.

You can log when employees start and end their day, show them their weekly or fortnightly rosters, and provide a portal to employees

Timely data for billable and non-billable activities

Track remote employees with a mobile attendance system

Tracking employee hours when they work away from the office or facility is difficult without a mobile attendance system

A solution should make it easy to comply with government regulations, awards, enterprise agreements and internal policies. 

With geo-tagging and image capturing you can be confident that your time and attendance data is accurate.  

Say goodbye to manual timesheets, errors and administrative overheads

Utilise time and attendance software that employees can embrace.

Being able to view and track attendance data all in one system provides tremendous value to a company.

Tracking time is the least favourite task for most employees. An easy system requiring minimal work and training will improve chances of buy-in that makes a selection a good investment.

Employees can review their hours worked, as well as accrued time and available sick leave. These features contribute to employees readily adopting it.

Employees also appreciate a self-service system. This eliminates the need to contact HR or the rostering department with questions about pay or time-off balances.

Have a time and attendance system that makes it easy for management to report and make better decisions

Keeping track of time is at the heart of your workforce — and your business.

High-performing organizations know that workforce management is more than simply accounting for the costs of doing business. It’s about better managing your largest controllable expense and your greatest competitive advantage — it’s about your workforce.

Do your managers need more visibility into information they need to control overtime costs? Are your organizations work rules and policies subject to many different award interpretations for one employee, a team, or group of employees? Do your current timekeeping processes leave you exposed to risk of non-compliance with government regulators such as the Fair Work Commission?

EzHrPay can resolve these issues and make running things a lot easier, time and cost effective

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