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Making The New Normal Work For You And Your Workforce

Making the new normal work for you and your workforce

A modern workforce solution, driven by technology, is more critical than ever for organisations dealing with a reduced workforce or a more fragmented availability in their workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new complexities of operating amidst the various, and changeable, levels of restrictions that characterise the COVID-19 business environment now sees technology playing a key role in assisting the return of employees to work and helping them stay there.

Leveraging existing solutions

Businesses have long been leveraging technology to manage everything from payroll to rostering and leave management.

The key questions to ask now are: what were the solutions there before, and how can they be leveraged even more effectively in post-COVID? We have a lot of these conversations now. What’s changed in a very short period of time, is what everybody is referring to as “the new normal”.

How do we start using workforce management solution technology for those priorities that didn’t exist a couple of months ago?

If a modern workforce management solution was already in place for pre-COVID needs, the good news is a lot of that existing system can be adapted to address what the post-COVID needs are, a good solution that’s customisable — business rules and laws that are changeable or agreements can get updated so that customers are self-sufficient.

For example, if a company has an automated workforce management
system chances are employee information is stored in it if they are being rostered. Companies can easily reach out to employees through Employee Self Service and provide a wellness questionnaire to ensure they are able to work before they even leave their house to head to the workplace.

Contactless and temperature testing in the “new normal”

Businesses that are able to remain operational during the pandemic are now faced with the challenge of determining what they can do to minimise the risk of spreading the virus whilst still being able to provide products and services to their clients and communities.

Contactless options are now a big focus — the ability to clock in and clock out on mobile devices so there’s no physical contact with data collection terminals, for example, or incorporating facial recognition capabilities. Temperature taking technology can also have a positive impact on controlling risk and joins the list of current priorities, from an access standpoint.

As they come to work, a lot of our customers have additional safety protocols even from a premise access standpoint, regarding temperature testing technology, some with facial recognition and data tracing or as simple as an infrared temperature check that dispenses sanitiser at the same time.

There are a number of points to consider when undertaking temperature testing in the workplace, including
supporting workers who may be struggling through these times to stay at home if unwell; ensuring managers and staff understand why you require temperature testing in your workplace; and having set processes in place should an employee or colleague have a temperature.

Changing the way you work

The next step for companies is what has to be done differently when employees are at work.

It’s easy to take some aspects of a workforce management solution for granted — unless you don’t have one. For example, the ability to stagger shifts and break times to minimise crowding in high traffic areas, incorporate flexibility to allow for increased cleaning of common areas and disinfection of equipment ensuring enough time between shifts for putting on and taking off PPE.

The new capability leverages data, so if somebody comes down with symptoms organisations will have a lot of information about that employee — when they were rostered, where they clocked in and out and which specific area they worked.

It’s relatively easy to do if you have a system already in place. The technology you use fundamentally doesn’t have to do anything massively different — the information was always there; it can just be used more effectively in “the new normal.”

“MizziSoft has strived to be a workforce management software innovator with rostering, award interpretation, automated time and attendance flexible working arrangements, and in the COVID-19 operating environment, temperature testing and contactless solutions.”

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