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Employee Self Service

No two employees are the same – their user experience shouldn’t be the same either

Employee Self Service has gone well beyond accessing pay slips and entering leave applications. EzHrPay is a powerful and intuitively easy-to-use software solution that is available on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The Employee Self Service is a web-based facility that provides employees access to human resource information used to view, amend and add to information quickly and easily.

The ESS has three key functional areas:

  • Individual information
  • Team management
  • Approvals

Benefits to Employees

Employees can get answers to the questions they have about their pay or benefits in an instant. And by eliminating that wait (and frustration), employees feel more empowered, more in control – and more content at work.

Anything you can do to make it easier for your staff to find out how many days they’ve accrued, or speed up their holiday applications, is likely to leave them feeling more positive about the environment in which they work. That, of course, has a beneficial effect on overall morale, which leads to a more efficient workforce.

By making it easy for your employees to check their entitlements, look back at old pay slips or find out about their superannuation and bonuses, you are not only helping them to equate their effort with financial reward – you’re providing a historical record of how they are progressing in their career.

Keeping staff up-to-date with HR policies and procedures with any changes to policies and procedures is important as this type of information may not be easily accessible

Benefits to Employers

ESS may seem like its designed simply to relieve a bit of pressure on your HR department. But the benefits to the business go much deeper

Improve efficiency

A more streamlined HR function across your organisation. A function that’s less encumbered by administrative tasks and more focused on longer-term, strategic goals.

Cut Costs

The administrative cost of processing leave or printing out pay slips shouldn’t be underestimated. (For many organisations, this is something that takes days – not hours.) Neither should the cost of materials. By replacing paper documents with online information, you’re not only saving financially – you’re reducing your impact on the environment.

Focus on maintaining a healthy, happy workforce

Instead of spending all your time on admin, an employee self-service system frees up HR staff to focus on the more organic HR roles, such as counselling, and developing skills and training

Empower managers

An employee self-service system promotes the idea of giving managers the ability to approve requests for leave or training without having to involve HR directly. This means approvals are not only more relevant to the person in question. They’re also made a lot quicker.

Reduce sick days

Sick days are much more visible – both to employees and their managers. And that acts as an incentive not to take any more than strictly necessary.

Keep staff up to date

For larger organisations that need to deploy policy change information across a wide network of staff, a self-service system can allow you to notify your employees of any policy changes, available training courses or company announcements.

Reduce errors

HR only needs to make a change to a document or announcement once for it to be updated right across the organisation – which helps remove the risk of there being more than one version in circulation. There’s a far smaller chance of errors being made over personal details too, such as names and address – as employees can enter and amend their own information.

Measure the effect of your HR campaigns

Using an employee self-service system to communicate with staff, you can interact directly with employees by generating polls or other tools that are easy to respond to. This means you can measure how successful your campaigns are – and amend them if necessary.

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