MizziSoft’s AI-Powered Healthcare Revolution: Optimizing Wards for Patient Care in Malta

In the intricate landscape of Malta’s heavily unionized healthcare system, MizziSoft has emerged as a transformative force, ensuring that hospital wards are efficiently staffed to meet patient needs. With smart AI tools, MizziSoft tackles the challenges posed by fixed work patterns, prioritizing the allocation of shifts to address the specific demands of each ward.

Navigating Unionized Healthcare: A Challenge

In Malta, the healthcare workforce operates within the framework of stringent union regulations. Many employees adhere to fixed work patterns regardless of the fluctuating demands of their respective wards. The most senior employees enjoy the privilege of selecting their work patterns first, while newer employees and part-timers have more flexibility. MizziSoft’s mission is to ensure that these work patterns align with the dynamic needs of patient care.

MizziSoft’s AI Tools: The Key to Optimization

MizziSoft’s AI tools leverage intelligent algorithms to map out shifts in each ward based on anticipated patient numbers and required care. The system takes into account the fixed work patterns of employees, categorizing shifts as either fixed shift times or (morning, afternoon, night) or offering total working flexibility. Most employees are assigned to specific wards, while others remain in an open pool, ready to be allocated where their skills are needed most.

Strategic Allocation of Shifts

The MizziSoft system strategically allocates shifts, starting with the most senior employees with the most rigid work patterns as well their grades and skills. As the allocation process progresses, the system moves to employees with greater flexibility, optimizing the distribution of shifts while considering leave requests, training sessions, and days off. Any unallocated employees are placed in the open pool, awaiting distribution to wards with the greatest demand.

Addressing Fixed Work Pattern Disparities

A notable feature of MizziSoft’s approach is its ability to highlight instances where fixed work patterns may not align with actual patient demand. With the support of the Filipino team, MizziSoft helped to identify areas where adjustments and renegotiations with employees are needed. This proactive measure ensures that fixed work patterns are optimized to align seamlessly with the real demands of patient care.

Efficiency in Action: Adjusting to Real Patient Demand

MizziSoft’s dynamic system also identifies situations where demand for fixed shifts is low. In these cases, employees with restricted work patterns are allocated specified shifts, albeit highlighted as having no demand tasks. This insight serves as a catalyst for discussions with employees, fostering an environment of collaboration and flexibility to meet the genuine needs of the patients.

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, where patient care is paramount, MizziSoft stands as a beacon of innovation. By navigating the complexities of unionized systems and harnessing the power of AI tools, MizziSoft ensures that hospital wards in Malta are not only adequately staffed but that the workforce is aligned with the real-time demands of patient care. In collaboration with the Filipino team, MizziSoft continues to make strides toward a healthcare future that prioritizes efficiency, adaptability, and, above all, the well-being of patients.