Optimizing Staffing at Brown’s Pharmacies: A MizziSoft Success Story

Nestled on the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta, Brown’s Pharmacies stand out as the leading pharmacy chain in the region. As a go-to destination for healthcare and wellness needs, Brown’s faces a unique challenge in employee planning, one that’s met head-on with the help of MizziSoft’s innovative Work Orders tool.

Complex Workforce Dynamics

The hallmark of Brown’s Pharmacies lies in their commitment to providing top-notch service to their customers. But behind the scenes, orchestrating the right staffing for their numerous locations can be a complex puzzle. Many of their pharmacists and shop assistants are part-time employees, often juggling roles as parents, students, or even working in different pharmacies at varying times of the day.

The MizziSoft AI Solution

Brown’s Pharmacists turn to the MizziSoft Work Orders AI tool to navigate this intricate terrain. With it, they specify work tasks by position and skill for each pharmacy, ensuring that the right talent is assigned to the right job. Employees are designated to specific areas, so they’re not inadvertently allocated shifts outside of their region, enhancing both efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Empowering Employees through the Employee Portal

Brown’s Pharmacists and shop assistants are given the autonomy to check their assigned shifts and submit leave requests through the MizziSoft Employee Portal. This self-service approach streamlines the communication process and puts the power in the hands of the employees. It’s a win-win situation that fosters transparency and simplifies shift management.

Balancing the Holiday Shuffle

One standout feature that has earned Brown’s management’s admiration is the MizziSoft Employee to Shifts Allocation Engine. This tool is particularly valuable during public holidays and long weekends, which pose a unique scheduling challenge. At Brown’s, most employees prefer to take time off during these special occasions, seeking well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, some are more inclined to work on public holidays to earn extra income.

The MizziSoft tool acts as a mediator, ensuring a fair and balanced allocation of leave requests and shifts on these crucial dates. It avoids the scheduling bottlenecks that often occur during public holidays, mitigating potential staffing shortages and service interruptions.

Efficiency and Employee Satisfaction

By leveraging MizziSoft, Brown’s Pharmacies have transformed their workforce management from a complex puzzle into a streamlined, well-orchestrated symphony. The chain not only ensures optimal coverage for its locations but also empowers employees to have a say in their scheduling.

Furthermore, the ability to evenly distribute leave and shift assignments on public holidays exemplifies Brown’s commitment to both efficiency and employee satisfaction. It’s a testament to how innovative solutions like MizziSoft can transform the complex world of employee planning, ensuring that customers and staff alike can enjoy the very best that Brown’s Pharmacies have to offer.

Brwon’s Pharmacies website.