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Have you thought about how that will impact Rostering, Payroll and Time & Attendance?

We have the solution to simplify a safe Return to Work for you and your workforce

High-performing organisations know that workforce management is more than simply accounting for the costs of doing business. It’s about better managing your largest controllable expense and your greatest competitive advantage — it’s about your workforce.

Keeping track of time is at the heart of your workforce — and your business. MizziSoft’s EzHrPay software manages your payroll, HR, rostering and time and attendance all in one system.

CoVid-19 has changed the way we work forever. Have you thought about how CoVid-19 will impact your ‘Return to Work’ or ‘OHS’ policies?

Don’t worry. We have

Introducing our fever detection time clocks that provide options for facial recognition as part of the “Clock On, Clock Off” process.  Use them to test the temperatures of employees, visitors entering your building, or use them to test a supplier in your supply chain.

Painless Return to Work Temperature Testing

Businesses that remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic or are currently planning a Return to Work policy are faced with the challenge of determining what they can do to minimise the risk of spreading the virus whilst still being able to provide products and services to their clients and communities.  Many essential service employers have started screening employees’ temperatures in an effort to ensure employees with symptoms don’t infect their co-workers.







All in One Workforce Management System

Discover how we can remove the headache, save you time, save you money with our integrated easy to use system.


Award Interpretation Made Easy

Fast & Accurate Payroll (Saving Time, Money and unnecessary frustrations)
Automatic Calculation of all Wages, Penalty Rates, Pre & Post Tax Deductions, Allowance and Superannuation Liability based on pre-set Rules (which we can customise to your business)

Salary Adjustments & “Retro Pay”

Need to change your employee’s pay rate or discover you need to backdate a changed rate?
The EzHrPay system calculates all changes not only from the next pay, but backdated to the date you set.

Pay Slips

Have payslips accessible by email or in the online Employee Self-Service.
Customise the design to have as simple or detailed as you like.

Audit & Compliance

Detailed System Audit

Business Analysis & Auditing made easy.
See exactly where your Wages are being spent.
See whether Timesheets are being changed.
Verify currency of qualifications & skill sets.
Monitor all costs & requirements in your Workforce.
All in One System

Accurate & Periodic Reporting

The options are limitless!
Hundreds of comprehensive and readily-available reports that bring the data in the system together in a “Big Picture Report”
Have reports for each area that allow KPIs to be monitored, met and improved.

Automatic Remittance Advices

Support for all types of reports.
Annual contractor reports, Payroll Reporting, Superannuation Liabilities, Fringe Benefits Liability and more…

Have an Audit Ready System

See how you can be audit ready at all times

Rostering & Leave Management

Intuitive & Dynamic Rosters

Our Rostering System flows in a way unlike anything else.
It allows for all types of rosters from set patterns, one-off and split shifts and “last minute” changes.
See at a glance who is available, who has the skills for that shift and where rules & regulations limit the hours that an employee can work.

Verify Variances to Roster

Have Management verify all variances and overtime prior to sending through to Payroll to streamline the communication and processing.
Have all communications with employees over variances logged in an audit friendly manner in the Employee Self-Service system.

Leave Request Management

Take Leave Management to the next level.
Manage and view all your employee Leave Requests ensuring that enough employees of each Skill Set are available for the upcoming roster requirements.

Time & Attendance

User Defined Security Features

All Time & Attendance can not be editted without this being logged in the system.
Know at all times what was changed, when and by whom.

Timesheets & Time Clock Swipes

Our EzHrPay timesheet system consolidates the planned roster with the employees Time Card swipes to automatically create their Time Sheets (keeping it simple for those who are too busy to write out a Time Sheet)

Timesheets & Payroll Integration

All Timesheets are integrated with our Payroll Interpretation.
Time Sheets are broken down into each and every pay rate, allowance and penalty right down to the last minute. There is no room for error.

Employee Self-Service

Internal Communications Log

EzHrPay has it’s own internal communications system.
Send emails, send memos, request training to be completed.
Send out rosters, see who would like extra shifts.
Determine what has and hasn’t been actioned easily.

Manage Role Requirements

We all have jobs where there are minimum requirements. National Police Clearances, Working with Children Cards, White Cards, Driver Licences, First Aid Certificates and more.
Remove the risk of letting one of these expire. Employees can access and manage their documentation.
Be alerted and prompted to update.
Prevent rostering upon expiry until requirements have been met.

Personal Profile

Keep it Simple
Using the Employee Self-Service each employee can manage their own personal details, qualifications, leave requests and communications with the business.

Free Webinar

Discover the power of our new Temperature Testing & Facial recognition Time Clocks.

  • How do they work?
  • How will they simplify the “Return to Work” and COVID-19 WHS Policies?
  • How do they work when paired with our Workforce Management & Rostering Systems

and more …

This is a chance to ask all the questions and see what it is all about.

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